Love Letters: Devin

Thursday, June 13, 2013

A few months ago I came across the blog of a delightful woman that has a section that features her love letters. They are love letters to people, places, things, and she invites everyone to write more love letters. I've decided to accept that invitation.

And since it is the birthday of Mr. Devin Felix, I have decided to devote my first love letter to this kind sir.

Dearest Devin,

You began as the brother of the boy I had a crush on. After a series of my persistent and uninvited phone calls, I wiggled my way into your life. Through the years you have gone from someone's brother to dear friend to my brother to one the best friends I have ever known.

Though we talk almost everyday, and I express my love for you on the regular, I want to truly acknowledge and celebrate who you are to me and those that know you.

A photo from the first day we hung out.
This pretty sums it all up.
No one makes me laugh like you do. Seriously. And you not only continue to crack me up, but you appreciate my humor. I don't know if you realize this, but you were one of my first friends to uplift and encourage my funny side and not try to out do me or have to be the only funny one in the room. You included me in writing weird and funny movies and songs. You loved my ideas and encouraged me to keep going. That will always mean more to me than you know.

You bring out my weird in the best possible way. If I published all of our conversations, the world would be a very confused place. But they work for us. They brighten my day. They make me feel normal.

You have held me in my darkest times. Be in person or otherwise, you have seen me at my worst and loved me anyway. You protect me like an older brother. You bitch with me like a girlfriend. You understand me like soulmate.

It's an honor to be as close to you as I am. I have thoroughly enjoyed spending these past 6 or so years getting to know you. Through road trips, campouts, march sanities, curling teams, being neighbors, being roommates, gentlemen's games, making up weird songs, puppies, daily Devins, late nights, singing in ska bands, heartaches, old married couple moments, laughing at things only we find funny, and on and on, you've been my constant.

Thank you for being weird like me. Thank you for defining your own family and still being my brother and best friend. Thank you for just being you. I hope you realize how much you are loved and not just by me. To know you is to deeply and truly love you.

And even if we never do run away together and be platonic life partners like we talk about, I know that you will always be in my life. I honestly don't know where I would be without you.

Happy Birthday, dear Devin. You are "the most perfectly appropriate gift for the 50th wedding anniversaries."

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